The TAKUM ("tikkun u’mishpat" / mending and justice) Global Social Justice Beit Midrash is a new program with cohorts in Boston; Brooklyn, N.Y.; London; and Jerusalem. This unique initiative blends Jewish text study, online discussion, and volunteer service.

Participants will have the opportunity to help create local communities of practice and an international network of Jewish peers and teachers. This year, the TAKUM curriculum will focus on issues of human dignity through an exploration of the following three core issues:

In addition to Jewish textual study in locally, participants have the opportunity to learn online with peers from elsewhere in the global Jewish community, and to engage in volunteer service. Through this dynamic combination of activities, we aspire to create a significant model for integrated Jewish practice.

Participants will learn with their local cohorts and from a broad range of teachers, both local and international. Participants will also get a unique opportunity to hear from leaders in the fields of social justice being explored in class, specifically hearing from these visionaries how they have made and corrected mistakes in their own careers as activists. Finally, participants will build community together by sharing Shabbat and holiday meals with each other over the course of the year.